Promoting your business and/or message on coffee sleeves is truly an innovative way to reach potential consumers where they work, play, and live.


Feeling Good = Good Impression

There's no question that drinking a good cup of coffee has an energizing effect and typically puts us in a good mood as well. It makes good sense to position your business in front of consumers while they're feeling good... when they're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Did we mention "good" at all in this message?



Customer Contact Like No Other
  • The average coffee consumer will spend 49 minutes with your coffee sleeve.
  • The average recall of the information on the sleeve is 65%.
  • In addition to the consumer holding the cup, the average sleeve is viewed by six additional consumers.

Local People Favor Local Business

With a movement toward shopping and purchasing locally, it is often difficult to learn about local business alternatives. Our research shows that customers that frequent locally owned coffee establishments would like to conduct other business locally if they just knew where to go. Your sleeve message is getting in front of people who WANT to do business with you.



Try Something New and Exciting

We offer a unparalleled solution to your advertising needs... hands down. Our unique service will reduce costs and increase profitability. Chances are, your competition hasn't even heard of something like this.