We develop and execute advertising campaigns
for businesses... on coffee sleeves.


"... you haven't had enough coffee until you can
thread a sewing machine while it's running." 

- Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com


Ryan Wilson
Co-Owner :: Director of Operations

Ryan’s diverse background includes web development, software engineering, and healthcare economics. His experience has included developing business ventures in healthcare, private industry, and several federal government agencies.

Earlier on in his life, Ryan spent many days overseas jumping out of helicopters for the U.S. Navy. Now back on dry land he resides in Ann Arbor MI, where he enjoys designing web sites, golfing, and dining out for sushi.



Chris Willitts
Co-Owner :: Director of Marketing

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, web designer, golfer, and student of meditation. He has successfully developed several online ventures and is well versed with leading-edge marketing tactics. Chris's education at the University of Michigan further refined his understanding and abilities in this arena.

Since meditation has recently entered Chris's life, he has been compelled to explore the virtually untapped vastness of consciousness in one of his latest projects Mindful Muscle.